What is SQL

SQL (pronounced S.Q.L. or Sequel, no one really cares) stands for Structured Querying Language and is a language that is used to query, form, and manipulate databases.

Setting up the Environment

Files to Download

SQL Course Public Downloads Folder - Google Drive


For this tutorial we're going to be using SQLite which is a database engine that works in a single application. In order to access it we'll be using DBeaver. DBeaver is an open-source database manager that connects to almost all database engines.

NOTE: Use DBeaver Community, it's free



The dataset we'll be using is from the University of California Irvine's Machine Learning Repository

UCI Machine Learning Repository

Structure of an SQL environment


The computer that contains your database or databases. This is typically your highest level of "container" for databases.


A database is a collection of Schemas and Tables that we can interact with.